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A Sneak Peak at Melody Road 2019

We were given the chance to observe how the orchestra practice for Melody Road 2019.

Everyone was very friendly and gave us a brief instruction on what we’re allowed to do during their practice session. For the following hour, we were given the chance to listen to them playing different nostalgic tunes as well as take snacks in between.

Sadly, I couldn’t recognize all of them. However, watching them make the sound makes it all familiar. Listening to them play felt real. Along with the wonderful music, we were able to go around the floor and appreciate different artworks and different pianos on displays. 


After their practice, we finally had the chance to interview the Radical Dreemers.

Some of our readers may know them as the group that did Melody Road 2018: A Yuri on Ice and Game Music Concert. This year’s Melody Road will be a recital. They’ll be playing pieces that highlight different instruments. The repertoire has expanded: they have a choir and a wind section for their ensemble. This gives them more opportunities to play a wider range of music. Here’s their planned playlist, if you’re curious.Melody Road 2019 Playlist

All of the pieces are going to be adapted from the original soundtracks. Ms. Frances Fernando brought us amazing things last year. Within that context, this year’s playlist looks ambitious and exciting.

Other things that fans can expect during Melody Road 2019 would be a beautiful lightshow from the lighting director, Macky Mangasi. Merchants and creators are also going to be invited to bring their wares for sale, to complete Radical Dreemers’ geeky holiday celebration.

It really feels like the Radial Dreemers put their passions to what they love. They’re giving their all for the 2019 playlist. I’m pretty sure that they’ll fill in all your fandom needs!


Interested in the event?

Melody Road 2019 Poster

Melody Road 2019 has two runs. The anime feature will take place on November 10, 2019. The video game feature is on December 8, 2019. Doors open at 3 PM. The shows start at 5 PM.

If you want more details, check their website! The Radical Dreemers also have an FB Page.

Patricia Menorca

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