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Annie are you Ukay?

Have you ever found yourself cramming until the very last minute for a Halloween costume? Maybe even a cosplay? Or something to wear for Kontrabida Ball 2019? I am here to say that you are not alone and I am currently in that position.

Whenever I find myself in need of clothes in a short amount of time, I go to the one place that I know will supply me with the right amount of unique and cheap. I go to ukay-ukays.  In ukay-ukays, if you’re willing to spend a large amount of time looking, you can probably find everything. Gowns, capes, shoes, and sometimes lingerie, they can all be found if you look hard enough.

Ukay Skeleton 1

So in honor of Halloween and our friends at Kontrabida Ball 2019, let’s stop cramming and find us a costume, with some helpful tips I have learned in years of exploring the treasure trove that is ukay-ukays.

Wear a mask! Maybe some gloves?

Ukay Skeleton 2

If you’re like me, whose nose is pretty much prone to getting clogged up at the slightest inconvenience, wearing a mask when venturing into ukay-ukays is recommended. Gloves can help keep those pesky dust molecules from causing an allergic reaction, and help you get into the Halloween spirit by looking like the Phantom of the Opera.

Clear your day

You are going to spend a lot of time looking for everything. It helps if you live near to a number of ukays that you know are easily accessible, so that you can bounce from place to place looking for the stuff you need. It is going to take a lot of time, and a lot of effort, but this is what you get for cramming (i.e. Me).

Bring a friend to the Ukay-ukay!Ukay Skeleton 3

It’s likely you are not the only one that is currently cramming for a costume. Bring a friend so that you can suffer together as you find something that won’t fit your boobs and squeal together when you find something that fits your boobs perfectly. It’s always fun to go shopping with friends, consider this a friend day.

If you wont get it anywhere else, BUY IT!

Ukay Skeleton 4

You see a pair of boots, a rare sight that it is completely unscathed and fits your feet perfectly. Yet, you have doubts, you didn’t come here to buy boots. You spend the entire time thinking about the boots, should you buy it? If you know the price is a steal, you should get it. Because, the moment you leave through the doors, those boots are gone, so if you’re able to afford it buy it.

Did you know?!

Some ukays actually give you the option to leave your number with them so that they can text you when they get new stuff, or when they have sales. So when you’re not cramming and planning for next Halloween, ask around if they offer that and you’ll find yourself expecting a text to pop up for their next sale. WCHA  fashion house offers this, and it’s pretty helpful! They have branches in QC and Cubao. 

Places to go?

Some places to check out is along Commonwealth, where there is a lot of Ukays and stores along the whole stretch of the way. Cubao is a cool place to find some hidden stores scattered about.

Ukay Skeleton Featured

You don’t have to go all out on your costume, have fun, do something scary, and maybe summon a demon?

I still don’t have anything to wear, but hey! Kontrabida Ball 2019 is this Saturday! Do you have a costume yet?

Got any Konball memories you want to share? Tell us about it on our Twitter and check out our latest events over at Instagram.

Kontrabida 2019: Toxic is happening soon. Make sure to go, the event looks fantastic.


Xrystina Marcos

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