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APCC Day 2 Report: Highs and More Highs

Asia Pop Comic Con opened its doors at 10am on a sunny August 26th to much excitement from con goers. Here’s a rundown of the things that happened on the main stage.

Exciting Panels

Day 2 opened with a healthy dose of local flavor. People came in early to attend ABS-CBN’s La Luna Sangre Showcase where the cast held a panel regarding their show. Fans of the actors got to ask questions, and a lucky few got to personally meet and greet the cast!

The Toy Panel with Jason Freeny, Quiccs & Simone Legno followed immediately after that. People got a glimpse into the toy makers’ headspaces; they talked about their inspiration, collaborations with different brands, and their motivation to create newer, better things.

In Conversation with Tyler Hoechlin was extremely well-received.” That is an extreme understatement, as the people came in droves to crowd the sides of the stage the moment Tyler appeared on stage. He was equally happy to see his fans, shaking hands and answering their questions very gamely.

Jaw-Dropping Performances

A string of performances followed Tyler’s panel. FightSaber Philippines’ emotional rollercoaster of a skit – based on Knights of the Old Republic – showcased a different side to their performances. The Sky Cable ‘Kontra Gapi’ Showcase came after, where they performed the Game of Thrones theme using indigenous musical instruments. The HHE Dancers performed AKB48’s most iconic songs, and Serena Kozuki charmed the audience with her vocal prowess and cute mannerisms.

Things heated up once again as the best cosplayers strut their stuff at the CAGE Open Category Finals. Moreover, prestigious cosplayers Alodia Gosiengfiao, Haiden Hazard, Jin (behindinfinity), Philip Odango, and Pion Kim served as judges. The competitors really brought out the big guns as they wowed the audience with excellent craftsmanship and awe-inspiring performances.

Fan Interaction and a Movie

The Social Media Panel with Cha Ocampo, Janina Vela & Patrice Averilla, though brief, was full of character. The influencers gave advice on how to start their own channel and on how to build their social media presence.

The Netflix Panel – Stranger Things Cast Appearance showcased previously unreleased Season 2 posters, and the cast briefly touched upon their first impressions on the Philippines and Philippine food. That’s not all though! They also answered fans’ questions on which characters other than themselves whom they wanted to play as well as actors they wanted to do a cameo on their show.

The day closed with the Screening of Death Note: A Netflix Original Film. What starts out as a really dark thriller ends up as an 80’s romcom (with murder!) and yes, it’s probably as ridiculous as it sounds. Why not catch it on Netflix yourself?

From an exciting program to a stellar convention floor, we can’t wait to see what Day 3 has in store! Girls Got Game will be covering APCC live through our social media – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest throughout the day.

Judith is an unapologetic fangirl who doesn't need much excuse to dress up as her favorite characters. She likes to spend her time on the Internet or anywhere she can nom, preferably both at the same time.

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