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APCC Day 3: A Great Conclusion to a Great Convention

A week has passed since the conclusion of APCC and we’re still nursing post-convention hangovers. With Day 1 and Day 2 setting a really high bar, how did the last day pan out?

Day 3 started with much fanfare. FightSaber Philippines reprised their skit from Day 2 to much excitement from the early morning crowd. The Comic Panel with Artgerm, Carl Potts, Rodney Ramos & Whilce Portacio followed right after, with fans and aspiring artists asking questions about their creative process. The best piece advice so far? “Create for yourself, first and foremost.”

The main stage emptied out after that to make way for the highly-anticipated HALL M: Marvel Showcase. Fans got to watch exclusive clips of upcoming shows (The Punisher, anyone?) and movies (Thor: Ragnarok, y’all!). They prohibited recording of any kind, but that just amps up the excitement for when the clips finally drop online.

The general public went back inside after that in time for the Cosplay Panel Session. Alodia Gosiengfiao, Canvas Cosplay, Haiden Hazard, Jin (behindinfinity) & Pion Kim briefly talked about their cosplay stints, the community, and the future of cosplay in the Philippines and all over the world. “The future is already happening,” Jin said, citing how cosplayers’ sewing and crafting skills helped cosplayers land jobs in theater and movies.

In Conversation with Gaku Space

Fangirl and fanboy screams erupted as Gaku entered the stage. He briefly talked about his short but very welcoming stay in the Philippines. He also hoped that the rest of the Overwatch cast would join next year’s APCC. When asked about future projects he’d like to do, he mentioned wanting to do more live action movies.

One particularly memorable question was about butts. To be more specific, whose was better: Gaku’s or Genji’s? Gaku was quick to bow down to Genji’s remarkable booty, but he quickly followed it up by saying that he’d soon catch up thanks to squats. The panel ended with him taking a photo along with a plethora of Overwatch cosplayers. Lucky fans!

In Conversation with Ray Fisher

Cyborg himself showed up this year at APCC, bringing with him much-needed hype for the upcoming Justice League movie. He talked about the time he found out that he was getting the role, and he did a demonstration of how he just rolled on the floor, screamed at his agent over the phone, and was just generally incomprehensible due to his excitement. He was a fan of Cyborg since the original Teen Titans movie, and he just loved getting the role.

Then fans asked him a bunch of questions which he gracefully answered, and we provided paraphrased answers below:

Who is better with technology: Batman or Cyborg?
Batman may make the technology, but Cyborg is technology.

Who will will in a fight, Cyborg or Iron Man?
Iron Man has nothing on Cyborg’s Motherbox-enhanced cybernetic body.

On Cyborg not being part of the original seven Justice League members:
Cyborg may not be an original Justice Leaguer, but he’s the future. Body enhancements will be coming, and Cyborg is at the forefront of post-humanism.

He also offered up advice on being a minority in Hollywood; and when asked what parts of Ray’s life he used as inspiration for Cyborg, he said that he drew from his relationship with his father the most.

All in all, he brought the hype and the #BorgLife to the APCC Main Hall.

Cosplay Showdown

The Game of Thrones Pageant was the first cosplay competition ever hosted by Sky Cable. Cosplayers brought out their best costumes to show their love for the series, but ultimately it was Xidge Evangelista’s Night King that took home the crown along with a whopping 1000USD.

The CAGE Kids Category Finals followed immediately, with nine tiny bite-sized cosplayers bringing out the big guns and holding their own out on the stage. Despite their small stature, the kids showed that they could hold their own against older, more seasoned cosplayers and competitors. The future of competitive cosplay looks bright!

The three-day event wrapped up with much anticipation for The CAGE Awards Ceremony. First up came the Kids’ Category. Ashley Misaki Francisco (Optimus Prime) won best performance, followed by Princess Espos (Kahra from Evilbane Raise of Raven) for best in show. Finally, the ultimate kid cosplayer and judges’ favorite was Ezra Garbin, Moskov-spear of Bone Dragon from Mobile Legends.

Tensions mounted even higher for the open category. Among twenty awe-inspiring finalists, only three could take home the crown. The second and first runner ups were Arzel Geronimo (Garo from Garo) and Erika Jean Gabrin (Female gunner Astalos Set Monster Hunter Generations) respectively, while the grand prize went to Vien Nathaniel Testa (Winston from Overwatch).

With a stellar venue, solid program, highly engaging guests, and three whole days of celebrating geekdom, APCC 2017 is definitely one for the books. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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