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APCCPH 2016 Day Two Highlights!

This article features contributions from What’s a Geek writers Khan, Emile, and Rhenn! If you want to check our wrap for Day One, head down here!

Day Two was off to a busy start! The lines started filling up as early as 9 AM. Once the doors opened, everyone hit the ground running.

Toy creators Simone Legno (tokidoki) and Shinichiro Kitai (DEVILROBOTS) kicked off the day’s panels. Their session showcased some of their most iconic creations; with Legno and Kitai introducing the crowd to the genius (and sometimes silly) inspirations to their works.

Legno’s tokidoki came to life from the extensive Japanese influence in his childhood and his environment. He recalled Italy had a similar “Voltes V” phase with the Philippines, and that his mother knew everything about iconic characters like Doraemon just because. Legno gave tokidoki a shot and has been giving his Oriental-slash-cartoon gritty mix to some of the most notable pop culture icons. He has worked with Disney, Blizzard, and other notable companies for their art.

Kitai’s DEVILROBOTS is evidently influenced by his fascination with robots. He creates and draws cartoon robots with various knick-knacks and features for his clients. He sometimes transforms iconic pop culture icons to robots or into his other favorite original piece, Tofu Oyaki. The tofu-headed figures are “fragile,” given their heads are made of tofu. Tofu Oyaki has appeared in various forms, with Kitai creating Tofu Oyaki works out of cultural appreciation.

Kitai served as an inspiration of sorts to Legno. Kitai and Legno’s appreciation for robots led to some collaborative projects in the past. And while others fear that great minds may come to a standstill with a clash of ideas, their mutual respect and admiration led to quite a separation (and eventually, an intense and fitting mix) of ideas.

Legno reminded aspiring artists to always allot time and dedication to the craft, and to never stop being genuine about their works. Meanwhile Kitai told aspiring graphic designers to don’t stop making works of art – because, hey, they might collaborate soon.


Meanwhile, in the green room…

Media partners were invited for a sit-down with actor Nicholas Hoult, best known for his roles as Hank McCoy/Beast (X-Men), War Boy Nux (Mad Max: Fury Road), and Tony Stonem from British television series Skins (among others).

Hoult gamely answered during the Q&A, expressing appreciation for the warm reception he received from fans and con-goers. He also shared that yes, he has not been immune to the Pokemon Go craze (Team Mystic, guys!).

He also shared a little bit about what it was like for him on Mad Max, and said that working with Charlize Theron on the film was an amazing experience. Characters like Furiosa are who he’d like to see more of in movies. View the video we took of the first half of the interview over here


Comic book fans rejoice!

A fan film is about to give their own answer to the perennial (controversial, friendship-breaking, comic book store ravaging) Avengers versus Justice League debate – with iconic Filipino stars and models taking the mantle of the superheroes themselves.

Eric Ejercito of E/J Studios joins stars Will Devaugn, Roxanne Barcelo, Ivan Carapiet, Jerico Estregan, Madeleine Humphries, and Noel Blanco in perhaps the biggest, star-studded fan film about the ever-discussed debate. Fans at the panel were given the first exclusive sneak preview of some never-before seen shots from the film.

The film, affectionately titled Avengers vs. Justice League: Death of a Hero, is directed and edited by Jeff Centauri. Although the premise is still bleak at best, the stars promise a better comics-aligned story to the cause of the big rumble. Expect heroes such as the Vision and Scarlet Witch battle Wonder Woman and the Flash. Superman’s heat vision will try to test the power of Vision’s Mind Gem (or is it?), with Captain America deflecting batarangs off the world’s greatest detective.

Maria Ozawa even cameos as the Phoenix Force – although her exact role in the film is yet to be announced. The film drops on September 10, 2016.


eSports by Inquirer also kicked off the first ever Overwatch tournament in the Philippines.

The inaugural event had several bumps in the road from spotty internet connections to power outages that led to unfortunate delays. The finals boiled down to the best teams at the APCCPH 2016 – Mineski and Imperium Pro Team (IPT). The action was so exciting that even a wandering Reaper sat down to watch the digital carnage.

Filipino and Singaporean commentators added insights on the respective teams with colorful commentary, bless Harambe.

Mineski’s communication held its own against IPT’s coordination. Rounds would swing back and forth until a well timed team wipe guaranteed a successful objective. It was a wonder to see tanks know exactly when to block and when to go for the kill or the ultimate and it was frustrating to see McCrees miss their High Noon. The finals ran the whole nine yards with the round 5 being contested in Hanamura. Unfortunately, the delays caught up to the tournament, going well over the APCC closing time. Mineski and IPT decided to settle the final match online for the $10,000 prize money at


TBA (Tuko Films, Buchi Boy Entertainment, and Artikulo Uno Productions) gave the fans of local cinema at APCCPH 2016 a special treat.

A new superhero-inspired trailer of Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo, dropped before introducing the young stars of the movie. They invited con-goers to check out the prequel book, with exclusive signings with creators Rob Cham, Mich Cervantes, and Carlorozy Clemente. Even though they were born into the age of the internet and video games, the lead stars enjoyed playing the classic game, learning perseverance and honesty.

Catch Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo  on October 5, 2016!


John Arcilla, Mon Confiado, and other stars of Heneral Luna graced the stage with Heneral Luna cosplayers shortly afterwards.

They shared their thoughts on what Heroism is. Some said to do good, whether it’s for the environment or for something bigger than yourself. One didn’t need to die to be a hero, merely to have respect for everybody. Additionally, they all reminded us to learn and remember our history, as Rizal once said.

Look forward to catching the movie’s own sequel about Filipino Hero Gregorio Del Pilar, Goyong.


Comic book artist Whilce Portacio gave tips to both aspiring and veteran artists about the perks of going digital.

The session started and ended with Portacio drawing and shading a portrait of a man, with quick tips. He emphasized on the careful usage of light and greys in ensuring the feeling of “correctness” when it comes to shading.

He also gave tricks to quick drawing – emphasizing on the importance of using lines and symmetry in getting human anatomy right. The 53-year old comic book artist worked on various X-Men titles, and had Bishop (obviously) and Storm as his favorites.


Backstage in the Media Lounge…

Malaysian comic book artist Billy Tan (Uncanny X-Men, Green Lantern) sat down with us to talk a little about his work. He also shared some details about his newly founded company, Tan Comics.

While he didn’t reveal any specific details of any of the characters he has in mind, he hopes to create a comic universe that reflects the different cultures of Asia, particularly China. He also spoke a little about his experience working on X-23, his first work under Marvel Comics, and how it was a creative challenge to express Laura Kinney’s emotions visually.


Finally, in the afternoon, Star Wars fans were treated to a Lightsaber Walk from members of the Philippine Lightsaber Guild.

This was followed by an amazing fight choreography from Fightsaber Philippines. The 15-minute show featured everyone’s favorite sith lord, Darth Vader.


APCCPH 2016 also continued to make its mark in the cosplay community with the Open Category Finals of  Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (CAGE) 2016!

The winners of the contest will receive a whopping $10,000. Esteemed judges included Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ani Mia, Lindze Merrit, Myrtle Sarrosa, Riki Lecotey, and Yugana Senshi Uon. Out of hundreds of local cosplayers, only twenty-two made the final cut in the pre-screenings and it’s easy to see why.

Veteran cosplayers came out in costumes like Final Fantasy’s Ultima Weapon and Lich. The Philippines’ premier female mech cosplayer made her debut in a Zoids suit for the open category; after dominating the kid’s category.

Popular MOBAs were well represented from DOTA’s Tinkerer to LoL’s Popstar Ahri. Entertaining routines brought smiles to the audience, like the fantastic Vegeta, who bravely persevered through stage difficulties.

The grand winners will be announced on Day 3 of APCCPH 2016. Stay tuned!


What happened on the Main Stage?

One of the most awaited panels for today was Millie Bobby Brown. Radio personality Delamar Arias facilitated the panel with the Stranger Things star.

During the Q&A, Brown recounted how she was taken by surprise when she landed the role of Eleven in Netflix’s hit series. She also mentioned how close she had gotten with the rest of the cast, especially the boys of Stranger Things.

When prompted about her singing videos, she told the audience that while acting is important to her right now, she’d promised her father that she would focus on singing once she reaches sixteen. Energetic fans cheered when Brown did Eleven’s signature glare, especially when she walked down the stage and on the catwalk as Eleven.

Another exciting panel that took place was with Claire Holt. Known for her roles as Rebekah (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals) and Samara (Pretty Little Liars), she and host Justin Quirino ambled through a fun conversation about Australian actors and vegemite, balut, her families in the casts of TVD and The Originals, more food (she takes her coffee black, by the way), and then some.

When fans took it upon themselves to Ask The Important Questions, Holt confirmed two things: Ian Somerhalder is one of the most caring guys she’s ever met; and also future casting in a superhero movie isn’t exactly up to her.

Also, just in case you all didn’t know this already, Clare and Milly are apparently good friends!


Meanwhile, Gendry from House Baratheon is back. Sort of.

Joe Dempsie greeted his fans with startling revelations. His acclaimed execution of intense roles (Gendry from harsh Westeros, and emotionally-damaged Chris of Skins, to name a few) were a result of his “imagining” the series’ universe as his own reality. However, deep inside he’s a Red Ranger fan. He’s also a huge fan of Kanye West. Unfortunately, he did say Gendry may not have a favorite song.

He was glad Gendry did not die. If he did, he wanted it to be an epic battle. Dempsie emphasized it would be extremely embarrassing if, for instance, he died by tripping over a chicken and snapping his neck.


J-Rock fans got a huge treat with Hiroshi Kidatani of the immensely popular JAM Project.

He brought their trademark high energy, causing many to scream at the top of their lungs. He made great effort to communicate in English and was visibly amused when the audience enthusiastically replied in Japanese. His six song set ranged from anisongs to JAM Project’s own singles.

Get a glimpse of his performance over at What’s a Geek’s Facebook Page, and stay tuned for our article on the one-on-one interview we had with Kidatani which will follow. It’s not too late to catch another show on Day 3 of APCCPH 2016!

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