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Are you ready for Cosplay Carnival 2019?

Cosplay. It’s a staple term in the lexicon of geekdom, so much that if you’re even slightly aware of popular culture, you’ll have heard of it at least once.

A portmanteau of “costume play”, cosplay celebrates one’s involvement in both fandom and community—from flash mobs to conventions—through the art of crafting and wearing of outfits based on well-loved fictional characters.

It’s no wonder that has such a close relationship with fandom in the pop-culture-loving Philippines. With cosplaying now tied intrinsically to fan and pop-culture related gatherings, has done a lot in bringing various communities together over the years. 

As the leading J-culture events organizer in the country, organized some of the most successful conventions in the country. Their events include Cosplay Carnival, Anime and Cosplay Expo (ACX), Cosplay Matsuri, and Fanfes Manila. In addition to that, they’re also the organizers of one of our biggest local J-culture event—the annual Cosplay Mania.

On March 23-24,’s Cosplay Carnival 2019 continues to bring cosplay to the forefront of the fandom experience.

The event will be held at Function Room 5 of the SMX Convention Center Manila, at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. It aims to be a family-friendly gathering of fandom and pop culture lovers. And a welcoming space for both new and seasoned cosplay enthusiasts

The 2-day, action-packed event strives to provide pop culture fans of all ages a venue to participate and have fun. From cosplay activities like the Cosplay OTP and Group Dance Battle to featuring special guests like multi-awarded Australian cosplayer A.K. Wirru; the Carnival is set to give the fandom community something to enjoy over the course of the event.

Where will you be this March 23-24? Come join us for Cosplay Carnival 2019!

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook Page at

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