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Blood, Sweat, and Grease – Garrison: Archangel at BrawlFest 2017

Girls Got Game had the privilege of attending and covering one of South East Asia’s biggest gaming conventions – ESGS 2017. There were games, freebies, and challenges to be had in the 3-day gaming convention, and every minute of it was just unadulterated fun. Events on-site were open for anyone to participate in. One of these was “Brawlfest” – a fighting game tournament organized by Cosmic Gorgons.

Players went head to head competing under familiar titles such as Tekken and Street Fighter. And as someone who essentially loved these kinds of games growing up, I decided it might be time to get my button mashing on and join the fun. As so, the first thing I did upon hearing about Brawlfest was register to play at the tournament.

Garrison: Archangel Brawlfest ESGS 2017
Look at all those titles!

One game in particular caught my attention.

Purely Filipino-made (and according to a Bird Person, people in Japan really like it!) Garrison: Archangel was developed by Indigo Gaming. It’s a mech fighting game that can satisfy anyone’s love for giant fighting robots; think Pacific Rim or Gundam. It is also as fast-paced as it is fun.

I’ve only played a total of 10 hours on Garrison: Archangel, but the first time I did, I fell in love with its giant swords and speedy recoveries. It’s reminiscent of Smash Bros. as every combo could leave for an opening for the enemy to retaliate. With the demo free to download, I decided to practice so I didn’t look as inexperienced in the tournament scene as I already was.

This was the first big tournament I’ve ever joined. And for my first tournament, it was more enjoyable than stressful.

Everyone was on neutral ground as Garrison: Archangel is a pretty new game. Some players were still learning the controls, and it didn’t matter if you lost or won because at the end of it all, it was still a very fun game.

In Garrison: Archangel, you can fully customize your mech to your specified strategy. Mine was to hit fast and hope not to die. And it pretty much saved me from first round of the tournament.

As expected, I lost the second round; but I still had a chance to recover in the loser’s bracket. In a moment of pure pride, I dubbed myself to become the “GREATEST LOSER”. However, at the very last second, I lost the final match.

Garrison: Archangel Garrison: Archangel ESGS 2017
This game is awesome, guys! You definitely should check it out!

I didn’t really expect to get far in the tournament, but it did leave me some time to truly appreciate the indie title and marvel at the number of participants that were giving their all. You could almost feel the stress as players collided with only an inch of their health bar left. That said, Brawlfest is definitely an event one should consider checking out come next year’s ESGS.

Garrison: Archangel was one of many indie titles, but it stood out for it’s originality and inventive gameplay; as well as its polished customization options. It’s fun, it’s fast. And it’s very addictive. I find myself planning my strategy for next year’s Brawlfest where I hope to surely be more prepared.

Check out Garrison: Archangel on, and don’t forget to support local developers. The amount of dedication and ambition in making games is truly inspirational!

Xrystina Marcos

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