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Boycycle, a coming of age story

Normally in coming of age stories we tend to associate it with high school aged humans trying to make sense of their feelings towards people and the world, and finding out that they were never as alone as they thought. It’s a journey that every single one of us must take to find ourselves in this messed up world. Nothing encapsulates that journey more than Salvatore Ganacci’s Boycycle.

Released on Valentine’s Day, it’s a must watch for anyone who is itching for a good story about a weird bicycle centaur man. It’s a beautifully captured music video accompanied by a wonderful track that when put together creates a feelings centaur, making you feel things you otherwise not have believed in. 

It tells the story of… you guessed it, a Boycycle.

Half boy, half motorcycle, a Boycycle. 

It starts off when the Boycycle is found by an old man beneath a pile of junk. The old man nurses the Boycycle back to health and even treats the Boycycle like one of his own children. The old man is the father figure of this Boycycle, treating him as if he is no different to other bipedal mammals. What the old man doesn’t understand, is that he is a Boycycle. He is different and that is okay.

The Boycycle knows he is different, however it comes with the ever present feeling of loneliness. Any sentient being capable of emotional attachment values companionship, we as humans need connection. He is alone in his confined world while others are open to interact with each other’s species, Boycycle does not know any other Boycycle and he is sad.

When the old man returns, he brings the Boycycle a pair of pants tailored just for him. This becomes the moment where the Boycycle realizes his father figure will not accept him as a Boycycle. Boycycle lashes out at the old man telling him that he is not the Boycycle’s real dad, and the old man leaves hurt by the words of his soncycle.

When Boycycle awakes, he sees a picture of a mermaid. Someone who, like him, did not have legs. He knows that he will not be able to find others like him here and he must venture into the unforgiving world to be able to find others like him. He takes the picture and cleans up his mess. When the old man returns, the Boycycle makes amends with the old man and prepares to leave.

Just before he could the old man tells him he cannot leave, for he is just a boycycle.

He turns and replies…

“Father, I’m a mancycle.”

After a long and arduous journey, he makes his way to the ocean. Where after being confronted by a group of fishermen and dented, he has lost hope of finding companionship. Then, a figure in the ocean appears. A Girlski.

As in life, they are different but not by much. Their experiences differ but they share the same plights. Though they will never be able to know what it is like for the other, it doesn’t matter since they have each other.

It’s a beautifully told story and it is definitely worth the watch and the repeats right after.

Even if I wanted to delve more into the deep lore of Boycycle. Like how do their organs work? Are their gas tanks stomachs? The existence of boycycle and girlski implies the existence of car people, is this prequel to Cars? People don’t seem bothered by them, are they a common occurrence?

We shall never know, unless I do a thesis about it, which I don’t think I’m allowed to do.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this story has enlightened you.

Have this doodle I made of the boycycle’s anatomy while we were talking about it.

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Xrystina Marcos

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