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Legion: Exploring the Cerebral Side of Superheroes

The moment I heard that FOX was producing a Legion show, I was baffled. “Why him,” I asked, when X-Men has hundreds of colorful characters that could be easily explored on TV. Legion isn’t exactly the most well-known mutant. Erstwhile known as David Haller, Legion is the son of Charles Xavier in the comics. He is an omega-level mutant with the ability to create spontaneous mutations with varying attributes. However, he generates a new persona that controls each and every one of these mutations. In other words, he suffers from multiple personality disorder, with each personality controlling a different power.


But then, exploring a mentally-tortured hero is perfect for an eight-part miniseries. I don’t know about you; I’m rather burnt out by the usual blow-everything-up-towards-the-end routine most superhero movies and shows are doing right now. I love superheroes, but the genre needs to offer something different so I can give a damn. And Legion may be the thing.

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