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Co-Op Play! GMA News SciTech with Girls Got Game

Girls Got Game is in a special co-op with GMA News SciTech. That means every so often, Girls Got Game news and features may be read on GMA7 News Online. How cool is that?

Check out our first co-op article with them, “The Problem with Booth Babes“, a respawn if you will, on our Women at Cons story. Includes a statement from LaroConPH.

While we have agreed to disagree with the points of LaroConPH, we are thankful for the noise it made among gamers. This one’s for you!

We heart you.
We heart you.

Are you still reading this? Read the actual article at GMA News SciTech! And don’t forget to like them on facebook!

Mia is a co-site mom of Play Without Apology and only really wanted to grow up so she could buy her own toys and games. She loves Persona 3 and the Ace Attorney series, and has been in online anime fandom for almost 15 years now.


    • Mia Marci Mia Marci Post author | July 28, 2013

      Thanks JP! 😀 We owe it to GMA SciTech Editor, Tj, who approached us and said flat out, “I need help with news on tech and science from females.” We’re excited to see where this can bring us. 🙂

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