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Cosmania 2019 – Got what you need?

It’s really unsettling how we’re already in the middle of the year 2019. What’s more unsettling is that during this time, you still haven’t gotten a ticket to one of the Philippines’ largest and most anticipated Anime and Cosplay convention of the year, Cosplay Mania 2019.

If you’re not going, don’t worry! We at Play Without Apology have you covered with the news and exciting events that will take place at Cosmania 2019. 

Let’s start with the question, have you got what you need? Convention season is always so tiring; there are only so many events that you will be able to attend without collapsing into jelly. With all the walking and talking around the convention floor, you’re going to need some essentials.

For Cosmania 2019 you’re likely going with a group, more people more fun! Bring a bag that isn’t too filled up or an eco bag, because its likely by the end of the day those bags are going to be full of merch found in the Exhibits hall of Cosmania 2019. If you’re just there to party, the Special Performance is the place to be, with cosplay contests and specials guests it’s going to be a ride. Although you are not allowed to take pictures or videos of fan meets and performances, these are just the rules.

Some important things to bring because you are human, bring a reusable bottle of water, and utensils because climate change is a thing and we can all do a little bit better if we observe CLAYGO (clean as you go). You’re not just helping the organizers but also the environment while you check out some of the delicious food stalls to be found on the convention floor.

Let’s get into the real stars of the show, the cosplay! It’s always so great to see all of these dedicated fans from across media to bring your favorite characters to life! With endless creativity and ingenuity we see what cosplayers are truly capable of with just a glue gun and some foam.

But remember, cosplay is not consent. Being shirtless is not an open invitation for you to touch their abs or to hug them, being touched by a stranger is never a good thing. Always be considerate to cosplayers because they do have to haul a bunch of stuff made out of foam, and sometimes had to stay up the night before just to finish a prop. Practice decency; ask them if it’s okay to take a picture or if they could do a certain pose for a picture. Always respect a person’s wishes to decline.

We’ll be at Cosmania 2019 this weekend! Use the hashtag #Cosmania2019 to share some of your favorite moments and cosplays at this weekend’s Cosmania 2019!

What was your favorite part of last year’s Cosmania? Got a cosplay you want to share? Hit us up at our twitter!
Xrystina Marcos

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