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Presenting Dicecast, a 100% Filipino D&D VOD!

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When it comes to roleplaying, sometimes we don’t get lucky enough to find a ragtag group of daring souls to go on an adventure with us.

Sometimes there are just too many other things going in in our lives that make committing to a weekly or even a monthly session difficult. But thankfully, this is where D&D web shows fill in the gap nicely. Through the medium of the internet, we can join someone’s campaign and feel a part of it. We might not be involved in the campaign directly, but we can still participate in the fun. Our reactions may possibly shape the narratives of those in the campaign. It’s at this point that roleplaying for an audience becomes elevated into improv theatre, where the DM is the director with the scenario while the players are the actors, their dramatis personae of fighters, lovers and jesters coming to life to deal with the mundane, the ridiculous and the extraordinary.


Enter Dicecast!

Dicecast is a Filipino show run by Lance Tan. It’s set in the Forgotten Realms world of Faerun, and runs on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the latest installment of the grand old lady of Tabletop RPGs. Beyond the fact that Dicecast provides a rare, 100% Asian cast, the action of the campaign all takes place in a homebrew country of their creation: Nostandor.

A fixture in the Manila D&D scene, Lance decided to take his love of roleplaying to the next level and have a campaign that is made for the camera. Lance’s worlds are compelling dips into fantasy, a blend of sharp story telling with enough space to let the players have fun. His poor guinea pigs – I mean, players Arvin de Leon, Sarah Samonte, KL So Chan and JP Esteban bring their own strengths to the table and really bring their characters to life. In fact, their channel has just started its series of character shorts. You can check the first one out here:

The Party – DM and Players – Matters.

As a long time roleplayer and DM, one of the things that is important to me is compatibility. When you have a group of players getting on and playing well off each other, that’s when you get real magic. I do believe the crew at Dicecast got that geniality with one another that is sincere and that gets captured on camera. Being homegrown from the Philippines means that the frame of reference is going to be different from roleplaying series produced by those from the West, which is a big plus for us.

It’s very clear that Dicecast is a product of love and passion for the kinds of collaborative storytelling that only really is possible through the medium of roleplay. There’s excitement, unpredictability and the unknown in spades. While the first few episodes make for dicey watching due to the shaky technical issues, the improvement in the latest episodes shows that the crew really take feedback given to them seriously. From what we’ve gathered, the crew have their own busy lives yet manage to produce quality content and that’s something to be applaud and get behind. I fully believe if they get their momentum going, we could see the works – live streams, fan involvement.

Since we’re sure that you’re curious to know more about the players, GGG sent the following questions to the folks at Dicecast to get to know them better.

  1. How long have you been into tabletop roleplaying?
  2. What was the worst dice moment of your tabletop career?
  3. Cats or dogs?

We know what you want, okay?

Lance: Dungeon Master

  1. Started with Warhammer when I was 8 years old. Took a break for a few years and rediscovered my love for tabletop games in college.
  2. Worst die roll moment was when I rolled a double 1 before trying to kill a dragon with disadvantage. Lost the encounter because of that.
  3. Dogs for sure.


Arvin: Jagrick Bazilev, Dragonborn Fighter

  1. 2006 to now. So around 11 years I guess.
  2. Session went into major overtime. So this happened during early morning. Around 2AM to 3AM. We were fighting against the boss for that day’s campaign run. I was facing off against him one on one, and forgot an in-game event skill that was granted by our DM. I could have defeated him during a critical moment if only I remembered it. But instead I got beheaded while the rest of my party watched. That was Jagrick version 2.0. This is tied with asking the then disguised big bad in an earlier campaign to dominate me willingly so I can’t be dominated during the fight. He joined our party pretending to be an ally. I ended up killing a party member.
  3. Dogs and Cats are both welcome. But have since leaned towards dogs now due to an overwhelming amount of cute dog vids.


Sarah: Sariel Dipvunkhar, Half-elf Bard

  1. I’m the newbie of the group! I’ve only been playing for a few months!
  2. I can’t say I’ve had a majorly horrible moment quite yet in my tabletop career. I can say, though, that in all tabletop games I’ve played, I never roll the numbers that I want. Especially in Settlers of Catan.
  3. I think they’re both cool, but I’ve had mostly dogs in my life! My current fur baby is a chow chow named Jake!


KL: Adella Melilot, Halfling Thief

  1. Around college after I spent less time playing MMOs. I got back into it again the year I graduated right before entering law school.
  2. I got snarky with the jail warden during the first hour of one of my DnD campaigns. She slapped my character so hard that I blacked out and lost all my HP.
  3. Both!


JP: Zephyndr, Tiefling Warlock

  1. I’ve been interested in Dungeons and Dragons since I first heard about it when I was a wee lad back in the US, after watching an infamous pre-YouTube video about D&D by the Dead Alewives. Some of you might remember this video and now I’ve dated myself quite considerably. I first had the opportunity to play D&D back in my freshman year of high school, 17 years ago.
  2. I must be a lucky sumbitch because I ain’t never botched a roll such that it led to catastrophic failures yet. Of course now that you’ll publish this answer, my next major rolls are all gonna turn up 1.
  3. Cats and dogs both have their places under the sun, but doggies will always be number 1 for me; I’ve only ever had canine companions.

Interested Now?

New Dicecast episodes go live on Friday Nights at 10 PM – which means that for us Filipinos, their latest episode will be aired today! Make sure to check their channel out. Go to their official website too, and tune into their Facebook and Twitter accounts! Follow them for all the goblin-hunting, treasure-seeking, demon-blasting shenanigans that they get up to!

Kimi, Arbiter of BS
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When she's not terrifying undergrads, she spends her time playing mono blue Magic the Gathering decks, hugging her game consoles, cosplaying and crying over her husbandos and waifus in Fate/Grand Order. Determined to be a katsudon that seduces men (and women) with her mad skillz.

I also Twitter at @kannascope.

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