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ESGS 2016 Day Two Highlights!

In the spirit of our collaboration with the wonderful people at What’s a Geek, members of our team and WAG are working together for the events coverage of ESGS 2016. Follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts to check on all the shenanigans that we got up to!

Our team hit the ground running for Day Two of ESGS 2016. The floor was full of all sorts of exciting MOBA tournaments, like League of Legends, the Boston Majors for Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and Vainglory. Brawlfest was also still as lively and exciting as ever for the fighting game people in the house. Casuals and enthusiasts, however, were still able to drop in on the other booths in the area – like PLDT’s – if they wanted to do a round or two for kicks.

On the Main Stage

Eri Neeman came on stage shortly after Sony’s showcase of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer, which we’d gotten a glimpse of the day before. Neeman went on to demo the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The gameplay looks slick for both old vets of the game and newcomers.

Infinite Warfare and the remaster will be released next month for the Playstation 4.

esgs 2016

Ubisoft had a special panel with two of their people. This was extremely relevant to our interests, as they are looking for local game development talent. Their booth has been up since the con started, so folks who want to join their team should chat them up! They are super friendly, and working for them sounds exciting.

esgs 2016

By the way, the giveaways in between panels have been really cool these past two days. If you’ve got the time, drop in on Sunday and hang around! You’re bound to win some nice stuff.

Demo Time!

Since we had a bit of time on our hands after lunch, we tried out two of the games that are being showcased at the Summit.

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platform game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco. It follows the adventures of nine-year-old Six, who was kidnapped to a place called The Maw, from which she is now attempting to escape. The game is due for a release for the first quarter of 2017, and we’re really looking forward to that.

esgs 2016

Nightfall: Escape is the Philippines’ first survival horror FPS. We got to chat with one of Nightfall’s developers while waiting for a go at the VR set-up. The game has evolved a number of times in the spirit of making things even more interesting, so that’s something to look forward to.  If anyone wants to try Nightfall for themselves, it’s available on Steam. It also happens to be going for 50% off.

We’ve got some live streams that posted on our Facebook page. We’ve also got LOT of clips up on our Instagram account and Twitter. Make sure to check them out!

Anything Else?

Kjwan kept the hype up for the mid-afternoon crowd with a concert. The convention also wound down with some more DOTA 2: Sakitan Nights. The last event of the day was Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken 7 Philippine Finals. The Top #8 is up on Twitch, courtesy of Playbook.PH!

We held the fort for our WAG buds so that they could interview Koji Igarashi. We do solemnly swear that they’ll have some notes on that for us real soon.

The Verdict

This second day was as dangerous on one’s wallet as Day One was. We strongly suggest coming around prepared – or leaving your wallet behind if you’re trying to save some cash. Alternatively, you could coast around and try out all the games. Some booths have giveaways going. The convention’s also bigger and a hell lot more badass than last year.

Were you at ESGS today? Did you have as much fun as we did? Did you do anything that we weren’t able to cover, or want to throw some deets our way for Day Three? Let us know in the comments!

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