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Girls Got Game is Alive! …Sort of!

Hello, everyone! As some of you might have noticed, our blog posts were done way back in 2013, then the site went down for a bit, and THEN we kinda went off the radar. This is due to the fact that soon after we were getting off of our feet, someone hacked our site. Our site admins weren’t available to assist us due to Life Things, and unfortunately? Not too much time passed after that before me, Mia, and Denice all got kicked in the gonads by Life as well. Things have stabilized some for me, but the rest of the team won’t be able to commit to writing for the blog just yet. As such, Girls Got Game is alive, but will remain on semi-hiatus for an as-of-yet undetermined period of time.

I’ve been attempting to keep our Facebook Page active, and have been referring rather often to Girls Got Game on my articles over at What’s a Geek. I’m part of the admin team for that group, and we have joined their network alongside The Fanboy SEO and Noisy, Noisy Man. I’ve already written quite a bit of WAG since last year, and now that I’ve established a good rhythm for myself, I’m going to attempt to make regular/semi-regular blog posts to this website as well.

The Girls Got Game Team has not been able to get together and discuss our direction from hereon, but we are ALL interested in keeping our brainchild alive. We may be looking for more people to join our team in the future. If this happens, we’ll be posting about it here and on our FB page.

Thank you so much for your continued support! Let’s all keep playing without apology, yeah?

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Female, bisexual, not in Narnia about anything. Games, writes, DMs, watches shit, reads shit, loves cats. Answers to Kae, Pamela, Pam, Pam-Pam, Pammy, Pammeth. Pamera, and Pammu. Also part of the admin team of What's a Geek, over at!

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