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Girls Got Game Needs You!

In case it wasn’t obvious before, Girls Got Game has returned from the dead. We’d love to have more contributors, editors, graphic designers & illustrators, and social media bunnies.

We’re looking for sensible straight girl members, LGBTQI members, and sensible straight guy writers from all over the world. Some quick facts:

  • GGG is, generally, an international girl/LGBTQI-oriented space. We’re out to provide another platform in which we can discuss the things we love and the issues that concern us.
  • It’s also meant to be less about event coverage and news, and MORE about reviews, interviews, honest geek talk, critical analyses, fanjizzing, and yelling at what annoys us properly instead of having to be nice (yes, that’s a thing). Granted, if our volunteers feel like talking about a geek event in their locale, they’re more than welcome to use our site as their platform.
  • We’re affiliated with What’s a Geek, GMA SciTech, and Noisy, Noisy Man.
  • We’re not expecting a high level of commitment (not yet). It’s more of a post if you like and when you like sort of thing!

Art by Jobo Nacpil

Interested parties can email us at [email protected]. Please introduce yourself, give a sample of your work if you’re going for graphics, or a sample article if you’re interested in becoming an editor/contributor.

Please note, of course, that if you’re coming from the Philippines, your application to Girls Got Game may also be considered by the administration team of What’s a Geek.

Girls Got Game is also looking for affiliates. If you have a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel or whatever else that you think aligns with our interests, contact Pam as well. Affiliates of Girls Got Game will get constant plugs of their content on our Facebook Page, and on our future Twitter account.

If you have questions, you’re more than welcome to comment on this article, or PM our Facebook Page.

Help Girls Got Game stay awesome. Spread the word!

Credit for the art we used in our featured image goes to Jobo Nacpil!

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Female, bisexual, not in Narnia about anything. Games, writes, DMs, watches shit, reads shit, loves cats. Answers to Kae, Pamela, Pam, Pam-Pam, Pammy, Pammeth. Pamera, and Pammu. Also part of the admin team of What's a Geek, over at!

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