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Girls Got Game is still alive, we swear!

Hi, guys! This is Pammu, crawling out of the void of Adulting. I’d like to apologize on behalf of the team for not producing new content in a while. Rest assured, we’re still alive and kicking!


We now have an official email! If you want to contact us, email [email protected]. Our Contact Us page has been updated accordingly.

We also have an official Twitter account. Follow us at @girlsgotgamemag.

Last but not the least: we’re going to be covering events and other stuff through our Instagram account. Follow us @girlsgotgame.mag.



We’re still looking for volunteers. I’d like to emphasize, however, that we direly need editors and contributors. Girls Got Game is a blog above everything else, and content is key. Our current pool of writers are prone to dropping off the face of the Earth because the universe likes to kick our arses.

On that note, I got a few emails from interested people whom I haven’t been able to respond to. I apologize for the delay, and hope that the people in question are still willing to give Girls Got Game a shot. Please email again if you are! As for the rest of you lovely people, do tell your friends and loved ones that we’re looking.

As the recruitment post suggests, Girls Got Game is a volunteer gig. We cannot pay: we can only offer exposure, cat pictures, and our eternal gratitude. Also, adorable cat pics.

Store Ket
Like dis one. Isn’t she precious. uwu (Ty, Ponkhan, for the lovely photo!)

Thank you all for your continued support of Girls Got Game!

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