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Heroes Above: A Promising Take on Squad Games

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I was fortunate enough to be able to test Heroes Above, and I must say: it’s an interesting take on squad-based games. I believe that with the right advertising, this game can be a contender in this digital world.


Character Management

Heroes Above is set on a world where each player manages a floating island filled with heroes and flying ships. These heroes then engage in epic air battles against other players for supremacy of the skies. This is what every island looks like:

Heroes Above Screenshots - 1

Each player manages a group of characters with different abilities. Those familiar with role playing games will immediately recognize Barbarians being melee fighters, Archers are ranged fighters, and Clerics heal fighters. Characters can be improved via the island’s training facilities. They can increase their stats, and also be upgraded to more powerful forms during multiplayer battles. You can also build ships with different abilities that can give you a distinct advantage in every battle.

As with every squad management game, you need resources to upgrade your characters and structures. However, what makes upgrades interesting in Heroes Above is that you don’t just need to have specific resources. You need prestige, which is something that you can only earn by winning battles against other players. This adds a layer of challenge to the game, as it encourages players to keep fighting against other players. I personally think will get people to play more and will be treated to an interesting take on multiplayer battles.



Heroes Above Screenshots - 2

Multiplayer battles in Heroes Above are a combination of tower defense, real-time strategy, and resource management. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s crystal on their ship before they do the same to your crystal. Of course given that you have to use your ship to get to theirs you have to time when use your boosters to charge and start attacking.

All actions during battles are dependent on your management of mana. This is similar to Clash Royale where you ask yourself when to start deploying your characters and when to hold back. These game elements put together add a layer of complexity which should make for exciting battles for players.

Heroes Above is a solid game. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to play something new in the multitude of mobile games out there.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Heroes Above was developed by Unlibox Ltd. It’s available in the Apple Store.

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