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How to Survive Asiapop Comicon Manila 2018

Asiapop┬áComicon Manila is arguably the biggest pop culture convention in the Philippines. Each year offers something new for people to love – or fight for, in the case of this year’s Jollibee Funko Pop figures. With so many things happening all at once, what can you do to maximize – or plain ol’ survive – the weekend?

Asiapop Comicon
This horde is alllll for our Jollibee overlord.

Don’t forget the essentials.

Whether you’re a regular con goer, cosplayer, or photographer, you have to have a bag of essentials. This includes (but is not limited to) event tickets, water, charged devices, powerbanks, extra batteries for photographers and an emergency repair kit for cosplayers. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of battery during a meet and greet or suffering from a wardrobe malfunction after preparing that costume for months.

Your phone (or a print-out!) is your best friend.

Forgot where to go? What time do panels start? Always have the schedule and floor plan on hand! A phone with data is especially helpful for monitoring social media in case schedules get shuffled around.

Asiapop Comicon
Knowing is half the battle.

Plan your route. It will come in handy.

Got your heart set out on those Jollibee Funko figs? Or maybe you have your sights set on getting a pass to Hall D or M? Prioritize, even if it means having to drop a few activities or letting go of certain items on your list. It’s painful but necessary… unless of course you’ve found someone to stand in line for you at every single thing you plan to attend.

Asiapop Comicon
This was one of the most visited booths last year, and this year won’t be any different.

Don’t be late!

A lot of the activities are very much time-based. Whether you’re lining up for the special halls or going to a meet and greet, know what time they start and end – and most importantly, check the latest time you can arrive to be able to get in. A 15-minute allowance is the safest bet for this.

Only 1000 numbered bands are available for each hall.

Having to plan out a day when you’re supposed to have fun can be a little daunting. As cons become bigger and provide activities that people scramble to get to, so does the competition to actually acquire passes or items. As you plan, make sure to have fun! Best of luck to everyone this weekend!

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