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#kikaypwoa: Good to Be Bad – Halloween Looks To Try

Mid-October means that Halloween is right around the corner. No idea what to do with your face for Halloween? Same, fam. Fortunately, Kontrabida Ball 2018 featured a wide array of looks you can steal– er, be inspired by, and we even managed to wrangle some tips from the attendees themselves. 😉


Let your inner villain sparkle.

Model: CP Coulter
FB: @cpcoulterofficial / IG: @cpcoulter

Featured guest CP Coulter used BYS Berries and Festival eyeshadow palettes, topped by their face and body glitter for a positively wicked eye look. A surefire way to rock this look? Don’t be afraid to pack it on. More is more.


No money for VFX? No problem.

Model: Shirayuki Cross
FB: @ShirayukiCrossOfficial / Twitter: @crossshirayuki

You don’t need expensive makeup for a creative look. Shirayuki Cross used stretched-out cotton, fake blood and Elmer’s gluestick as a base for the rotting skin and blended it with makeup already in her kit to complete the look. How’s that for prosthetics on a budget?


Don’t be afraid to show (or change!) your age.

Model: SpiderDan Geromo
FB: @spiderdangeromofanpage / IG: @spiderdangeromo

SpiderDan aged himself about a half-century – and then some – just by using one thing in his kit: pencil eyeliner. And for the guys out there who are intimidated by make-up, here’s a tip from Dan himself: treat your face as a canvas.


Why not be your basic bad self?

Model: Rinni
IG: @rinnigram

Who says you can’t look “normal” on Halloween? After all, all you need to be is your baddest self to rock this holiday. Even so, dare to change up your usual look! Don falsies, wing that eyeliner sharp enough to kill and put on your boldest lip color.


As a last note: who says you have to try these only during Halloween?

For someone who loves makeup, everyday is an opportunity to have fun with make-up.

Many thanks to the Boxfive Productions for having us over for Kontrabida Ball 2: Happily Never After!

Judith is an unapologetic fangirl who doesn't need much excuse to dress up as her favorite characters. She likes to spend her time on the Internet or anywhere she can nom, preferably both at the same time.

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