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Statement on Safe Spaces

If we can be perfectly honest: creating safe spaces is daunting.

It involves a constant check between what is fair and what is just—and sometimes it’s not the same thing. Safe spaces cannot just be: they are built and defended, and sometimes at a cost.

LacunaCon was established to give people a safe space to game and be themselves, created in line with our name and philosophy—to play without apology.

Play cannot be fun and free when there is someone in the space who feels unsafe. It is a tenet that we would like to see not just in the world of gaming, but in the world outside of it as well.

To uphold this idea, we cannot have people in positions of power when there are reported instances of harassment raised against them. Even if their games are popular; even if they are our friends. This behavior cannot be condoned, as the safety of participants attending the convention is our priority.

We wish it were just about petty squabbles and clashing personalities. But there is more at stake here. It is the responsibility of a GM to honor the trust of their players, just as it is the responsibility of players to work towards a space that is inclusive but just.

Protecting safe spaces means choosing to put the safety of your community before personal relationships.

It means disinviting a GM should they be known to make players feel unsafe. It means screening heavily those you choose to put in a position of power at your event, to make sure that the spirit of what we’re trying to do is still on point. Protecting a safe space sometimes means making a hard choice—especially if the people involved are your friends and loved ones.

We know that gaming can be a place to learn and grow. It can even be part of the healing process. There are also times when one needs to be made to step away to really, learn, grow, and understand.

As complex and painful as that can be—the community comes first. Playing without apology can only come after being able to play with full trust and acceptance. If for any reason you have concerns or feel unsafe, the organizers are open to hearing from you.

We again invite you to play with us, collaborate with us. Thank you for making this second LacunaCon possible, and we hope that this paves the way for more people to play the games we love and the games that made us.

The fight to create safe spaces may be daunting, but together, we are Dauntless.

Play Without Apology Admin Team

Should you have questions or concerns relevant to the upcoming LacunaCon, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Featured photo by PTMP via Unsplash

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