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Not Just Cute: The Art of Girls Girls Girls

Just who are these girls?

One would wonder just that, upon looking at the artist line-up of the Girls Girls Girls exhibit, now ongoing at A Space Makati.

It’s only after seeing the art that the recognition sets in.

girls girls girls exhibit
Art on display by Lianne Fondevilla, check out her work at

For those of you who are Insta-addicts, fashionistas, and/or have explored the Tumblr and kawaii art scene; there’s a high likelihood that you may have seen, liked, reposted, followed, or even bought merch featuring the art of one of these female artists.

It’s not just sugar and spice and everything nice in this exhibit, even with splatterings of pink and bubbly eyed-characters.

These girls may have won fans and followers viewers in for being cute; but their work clearly stands for more than just that.

See it for yourselves:

Girls Girls Girls Exhibit
Art by Armaine Yapyuco


Magical girls and cats!


Art by Kate Radam


Art by Chichi Romero

Girls Girls Girls will be on display at A Space Makati until April 18, 2017.

For more information on the exhibit, please check out their Facebook event page over here!

Mia is a co-site mom of Play Without Apology and only really wanted to grow up so she could buy her own toys and games. She loves Persona 3 and the Ace Attorney series, and has been in online anime fandom for almost 15 years now.

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