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Project Xandata at Pinoy Gaming Festival 2018

Thanks to the organizers behind ESGS, Play Without Apology had the opportunity to cover Pinoy Gaming Festival 2018.

Another space to celebrate the online gaming community in the country, PGF 2018 featured exhibits for MOBAs, battle royals, and competitive online games – all of which were available for the masses to play and enjoy. And with the rise of competitive online games, publishers are bringing their own brand of fun into the mix with locally developed online games.

Project Xandata is one such game. It’s a fun, skill-based, first-person shooter, with a local twist to make it more memorable.

Project Xandata’s booth definitely stood out. With vibrant colors and fast-paced gameplay footage, the booth offered attendees the chance to try out things out for themselves. The experience was made all the more awesome through the gaming headsets sponsored by Sennheiser, and notebooks by MSI.

Gameplay, features, & overall experience

Right off the bat, Project Xandata starts with the players offered full customization of their chosen character. Three classes were available: the Marksman, the Agent, and the Juggernaut. Each has its own unique style of play, while still providing players full control over the different skills and elemental affinities up for use.

Players also have the option to modify and create their own specific loadout before the game. This is where some notable features come in. Connected to a player’s account, the Vault serves as a repository for a player’s overall collected inventory. The Backpack system on the other hand, provides players the option to switch weapon combinations in real-time. As a feature, it’s pretty cool! Easily manageable and user friendly, it didn’t take long for me to understand how to make the most of my weapons.

Gameplay-wise, Project Xandata is fast and heart-racing. Matches make you lose your sense of time. You’re so engrossed in the pace that even when you glance up at the clock, it turns out it’s only been seconds since you started.

The callback to Counterstrike is apparent by the amount of movement the maps give players. If you’re a player who enjoys Overwatch, Project Xandata’s skill system is reminiscent of that while maintaining its own brand of personality (Agent’s cloaking skill? I see you.)

Project Xandata has the potential to become an amazing E-Sports title, as it requires some quick thinking and some faster hands. It’s proudly Pinoy-made and developed by Secret 6. A perfect shot to the enemy can give you just enough edge for your team to take the gold.

Project Xandata was developed by Secret 6 and is yet to be published. You can check out their site for more updates!

Xrystina Marcos

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