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GGG attends Ragnarok: Journey’s Grand Party

10 years ago, “Ragnarok Online” captured the hearts and minds of thousands of kids who hung out in computer shops while blaring quality OPM.

The MMORPG pretty much introduced an entire generation to the wonders of online gaming. And for years it became one of the pioneering computer games in the Philippines.

Fast forward to 2017: Gravity Interactive has introduced Southeast Asia to “Ragnarok: Journey”, a browser based game based on Ragnarok Online.

Girls Got Game had a wonderful experience of covering the release. Full of activities and giveaways, the event was jam packed with people hoping to take home the gold.

Opening ceremonies featured COO Yoshinori Kitamura, who welcomed participants to the event. Afterwards, we also had the opportunity to interview Gravity’s very own group supervisor Liliana Bae, who spoke about why they made Journey and elaborated on the difference between the original game and its newest installment.

The main difference between Ragnarok: Journey and its predecessor Ragnarok Online, is that Journey can be played on the web browser.

The shift between downloading a client and playing on a web browser is a huge leap, as the browser does not have the graphical integrity. Miss Bae said that they wanted the game to be accessible to new players and old players alike. Having the game on a web browser would allow for this, as users can play on any computer without having to download a client.

ragnarok journey

Another new feature is “Auto Play”. When players turn this feature on, the character goes into auto pilot mode; grinding without requiring player intervention. A player can go about their day while their character loots and kills monsters.

It’s not a bad a feature to have. After all, the whole point of Journey is to bring the game to a new generation of players; hardcore and casual alike.

And while players of the original Ragnarok might perceive the feature as a removal of nostalgia over hours of grinding in-game; the feature garners the favor of casual gamers. Since not everyone can devote time to hardcore grinding, this can make the game less cumbersome to overall experience.

That said, Journey still retains some of the old school Ragnarok Online mechanics, such as ability distribution and daily rewards.

ragnarok journey

Of course given the MMORPG gaming scene in the Philippines, there will be toxicity.

Gravity assures players however, that they are doing their very best to make communities in-game less toxic than what is expected from most gaming communities. They encourage players to contact their support team, so that they can make it a better place.

Ragnarok: Journey is free to play, and is accessible from any web browser. If MMORPGs have a special place in your heart, this is the game for you. Til then, RAK ON!

Were you at the launch party? Have you tried Ragnarok: Journey? Let us know in the comments!

Xrystina Marcos

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