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Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with these 7 sex-positive fanfic titles

Confession: we learned about sex through fan fiction.

Some folks preferred the busty girls and ripped men of Harlequin romances. We, however, found ourselves more at ease in reading about how our fandom OTPs (one true pairings) consummated their feelings. And since we were naughty young girls who clicked through content warnings, we learned a lot more than we expected.

Fan fiction taught us about entering from behind, sex toys, gay sex, BDSM, and even roleplay fantasy. But as we learned and experienced more about sex growing up, we found what we picked up from fan fiction was either enforced or undone.

We went from: “It’s like fic!” to “That fic let us down!”

So, as a Valentine’s Day treat: we’re sharing seven fan fics that got it right – while still staying hot.

We set forth some rules for play:

An open call was posted through Twitter and the PWOA contributor’s list for “sex positive” fanfic recommendations. These were then collated in a Google sheet. The following features for fics were required:

  • Sex should be shown as pleasurable and consensual.
  • There should at least be a hint at practicing safe sex.
  • There is trust and understanding among those involved.
  • For kinks, there is a process from agreement to foreplay to aftercare.

After the titles were gathered, we vetted and curated the list to help us highlight the “good stuff”. We’ve ranked these fics from vanilla to more hardcore kinks; with main features mentioned in parentheses, along with the pair or group involved.

We were very, very bad as kids – but are now grown adults with responsibilities.

So we’re going to warn you: the content in the links below are sexually explicit in natureAccessing them means that you are in compliance with any applicable laws in your your location; and accept full and sole responsibility for the content accessed below.

Don’t blame us. We warned you.

Let’s get reading, shall we?


Kitaku by Ciirce (Card Captor Sakura, Eriol/Tomoyo)

sex-positive fanfic Card Captor Sakura

Summary: Eriol and Tomoyo have a one-night stand as they realize their feelings for each other.

In this fic, the characters are roughly around 15 years old in the fic series’ timeline. But while underage, there is an overall awareness between those involved. Tomoyo even mentions that she remembers to use protection before she sleeps with Eriol. The sex depicted is sweet and believable without using ridiculous figurative speech. Plus: Eriol does cheat on Kahou; but that act was hardly glamorized or glossed over.


101 (And Not Dalmations) by Minisinoo (X-Men, Cyclops/Jean Grey)

X-Men sex-positive fanfic

Summary: (as written by fic author) Cyclops on sex, men, relationships, and romance novels.

If this were on Archive of Our Own it would merit a Mature instead of an Explicit rating for being more reflective than sexy. Through Minisinoo’s depiction of Cyclops, we learn that sometimes intercourse takes extra lube and a few or more rounds of practice.


Like Cigarettes & Candy + Asking the Question by rabbitprint (Persona 5, Sojiro/Iwai, sexual fluidity)

sex-positive fanfic Persona 5

Summary: Spoilers for True Ending. As everyone works to save Akira, Sojiro runs into another of the Thieves’ contacts – and is surprised to discover he has a lot in common with the other single dad.

If the ship in these fanfics isn’t enough to get you, the way that the author makes it work will. The action in these fics is 90% emotional. And shows a lovely take on how it might be to discover, midway through a very difficult life, that you may be falling for somebody of the same sex. It’s hard to pull off a plausible, “real” take on finding same-sex romance late into the game, and making it work.


You Can’t Have Peace Without War by eva_cybele (Persona 3 with references to Persona Arena, Mitsuru/Akihiko, BDSM)

sex-positive fanfic Persona 3

Summary: Akihiko and Mitsuru battle it out for the top.

Akihiko and Mitsuru are in what looks like an affectionate physical relationship. Which doesn’t necessarily apply in all areas of BDSM. But the strength of this fanfic is the clear progression here from establishing and agreeing to rules of play beforehand, actual play, then aftercare.


The Little Death by Anonymous (Skyrim, Spectral Assassin Lucien Lachance/The Listener-Dragonborn, BDSM)

sex-positive fanfic Skyrim

Summary: The Spectral Assassin and the Listener test the strength of the bonds of the Void.

While this story contains some pretty intense forms of BDSM, consent is always asked for and (enthusiastically) given.


Uncharted by DisappointMe (Captain America, Bucky/Steve, sex toys)

sex-positive fanfic Bucky/Steve Marvel Comics
Summary: Steve expresses curiosity about sex, and Bucky is more than happy to answer that.

The premise already lends itself to a very good discussion on the spectrum of sexuality. Steve recalls the more conservative sexual attitudes of his time and how much has changed since then. Another plus: no surprise sex toys. (Again, bad idea when applied in real life!) They’re introduced, Bucky eases Steve through it. It’s a pretty hot instructional.


Anniversary 2.5 by Tim Nolan (Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Usagi/Mamoru, role play, multiple partner fantasy, poly themes)

sex-positive fanfics

Summary: Usagi uses her transformation powers for some fun with Mamoru.

It takes an extra stretch of the imagination to effectively sexualize the magic and physics of a series. And Nolan does an impressive job of working in the powers of the silver crystal as an erotic centerpiece. This fic series goes through the expected scenarios and then some, but this particular chapter stands out as it addresses love, lust, and understanding between and beyond Usagi and Mamoru.


You Can’t Plan for Everything (Yuri on Ice, Yuri/multiple partners, kink, poly themes, A/B/O)

sex-positive fanfics

Summary: Yuuri is in heat.

Alpha/Beta/Omega is a speculative fandom concept where there are bodily “modifications” and anima hierarchy to sex. What they do get right that can apply beyond the internet is the process in screening an appropriate partner. And maintaining a trusting and honest relationship.

Something missing from this list? Share your favorite sex-positive fanfic in the comments below.

Images featured by Patricia Menorca and Site Mom Denice.

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