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Showcase: Filipino Game Designer Database

In the past few months or so, the local tabletop rpg design community has really flourished and come together, blooming in adversity, producing a myriad of rpg products that are now easily accessible for many to play and explore. Here is a database of filipino game designers – and it is ever-growing! So, make sure to check back here for regular updates. 


Teresa Maria E. Mison aka Sword Prince 


“Hi, I’m Maria and I enjoy the cross of participatory art, equitable play and collective narrative in TTRPG & LARP. All of which are political and catalysts for personal and collective change. It looks harmless, that’s the point. Help make chaotic-righteous-hopeful spaces by supporting my Patreon!”

You can find Maria on their main page: 
You can also regularly support them on patreon:
Get to know them on twitter:


Bianca Canoza aka momatoes

“momatoes is a proud creator of a number of games for exciting adventure, introspective discovery, and memorable melancholy.”

Find momatoes’ games on and


Paolo Jose Cruz aka Shibboleth

“I mostly design smol games (mini-RPGs, one-shots) that combine big power fantasies (fixing the climate emergency, guillotining the 1%, radically inclusive alt histories) with niche motifs (90s cartoons, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, pulp adventure) in self-contained formats (1-sheet pamphlets, half-letter zines).”

Find Shibboleth’s games at


Jamila R. Nedjadi of Sword Queen Games

“Jammi explores themes of memory, emotion, intimacy, and relationships. Often with a queer lens, exploring Filipino myths and folklore and finding their place in sci-fi or fantastical settings.”

Get Jammi’s games on their itch at
Follow their design process on their twitter at
Support them regularly on their Patreon at and


John Erwin Casia

“I am a system-hopping RPG enthusiast! I like making rules light games with a focus on emergent gameplay and no canon story/lore.”

You can get Erwin’s games on his itch:
Read his thoughts on all sorts of RPGs on their blog:


Nosfecatu Publishing

“Nosfecatu Publishing does deep dives into Philippine + Southeast Asian myths and culture, with the goal of adapting them into system-friendly RPG supplements!”

Support Nosfecatu on his Patreon at
Binge-read all his best entries at
Hang-out with Nosfecatu on his twitter at @bjrecio


Mahar Mangahas

“I like games that are about memory and creativity.”

Get yourself a copy of Mahar’s games on his itch:
Witness his game design process on his twitter:


Pam Punzalan aka Pammu

“I like games that explore queerness, memory, intimacy, and redefinitions of what most consider to be ‘normal.'”

Treat yourself to Pammu’s game on her main page:
You can also support her for the long haul on her Patreon:
Reach out to Pammu on her twitter:


Sin Posadas aka Diwata ng Manila

“I like to make games about the magic realism, about the mundane with tones of intimacy, memory, the passage of time and subversion of power.”

Support them on their Patreon:
Get their games on their itch:
Hang out on their twitter:


Xrystina aka Sweet Cyanide

“Just a girl that wants to make games.”

Get your hands on her games here: 
You can check out her design process here:


Joaquin Saavedra

“Ohoy! Ako nga pala si Joaquin Saavedra, isang manlilikha ng mga RPG sa wikang Filipino at isa ring manunulat ng mga pantasya at sci-fi! Ako’y isang tagapagdiwang ng mayamang kultura, sining, wika, mitolohiya, panitikan, at kasaysayang Pilipino. Ang paborito kong mga laro ay ang Exalted ng White Wolf, Godbound ni Kevin Crawford, Mage: the Awakening ng White Wolf, at Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.”

Grab Joaquin’s games at
Check out his design process on his blog:
Come chill and hang out on his twitter:


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