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Straight Out of ESGS 2019: My First D&D Session

Play Without Apology was on the ground during the Electronic Sports and Games Summit 2019 (ESGS 2019), which took place from October 25 to October 27. We did joint coverage with What’s A Geek. Make sure to check their ESGS 2019 news and features!

Some Notes About ESGS 2019
Gamers doing gamer things at ESGS 2019For the first day of Esports and Gaming Summit 2019. There was a light crowd and it was easier to go around booths without the need to squeeze yourself through.

I managed to go around the whole place very quickly. Last year’s first day was crowded. It was hard to get through any booths or even falling in line for freebies. I’m glad they had a bigger map for the people to check in just in case they get lost.

Almost every big booth was booming with noise. There would be different shout casters and hosts finding ways to call the people’s audience with good bundles and awesome games to pull them on their screen. As well as the cosplayers where visitors would line up just to get their pictures taken.

The art merchant booths were so diverse, featuring both original and fan-made work. With so many styles to choose from. I don’t think anyone would resist buying at least one. Going through different consoles from booths and seeing other people have the chance to try games gives you that warm feeling and success knowing more people are reaching out and connecting through these kinds of communities.


Tabletop at a Video Game & Esports Convention?

Among the numerous activities, my favorite was joining my first Dungeons and Dragons session with the League of Extraordinary Bestfriends. So as I was walking around checking out the booths I noticed from one table that they already started their campaign. I wanted to take a photo of them when one of the members asked if I was interested in D&D. Without even blinking, I said yes.

I started getting nervous only after I accepted the invite. Thankfully, I didn’t give him that much of a hard time in making a character since I already made one before. I already had my character’s background ready. We only needed to fill in the stats their stats!D&D books are so pretty!

After preparing everything, we were just waiting for other players to join us. Our table was full in a matter of minutes. Another member of their group introduced himself as the Dungeon Master for this session. Sadly, I couldn’t remember the exact name of the campaign. All I could remember is that there’s a lighthouse near a town all trades slowed down because the lighthouse lost its flame. Those who have tried to bring the flame back never returned.


This is how the D&D campaign went down.

Our party was in the tavern when the workers started getting frustrated and wanted to pick a fight with anyone. Even though we didn’t need to intervene, we joined their struggle. We did our best to put the fight to a halt. After listening to their problem, we decided to take the quest to save a soldier and to find a way to restore the flame of the lighthouse.Dioramas used during the campaignDuring the session, I still felt scared. Thankfully, some of the players noticed and just assured me that there’s nothing to be scared about. It was very affirming! At one point, our barbarian charged on a protective stone that electrocuted targets. Even though I kept missing my spells, my party kept cheering me on. For almost the whole session, I kept missing them and when one of our clerics healed me I finally got a hit! Everyone including the DM cheered on me! It felt so good to finally deal damage after so many turns!

In the end, we got the soldier and his men safe and sound. However, we still didn’t bring the light back. The party got back safely, though. Hopefully, I get another chance to play that campaign since I’m very curious about what happened to the lighthouse.


Suffice to say, I had a lot of fun.

I hope when I get another chance to play D&D I’d be able to continue the story for that campaign. Feels a bit memorable since it’s my milestone for my D&D Adventures. Don’t be afraid to give it a try even if you’re on your own. there will be the right people willing to reach out and help you.

Good luck on your next adventure!

The League of Extraordinary Bestfriends has a Facebook Page! Some of their GMs are the finest women around the Filipino tabletop scene. They were featured in one of our articles together with some of the ladies from Adventurers’ Anonymous. Make sure to check them out.

Patricia Menorca

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