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Pretty Venom: The Romcom I didn’t know I needed

I have a love hate relationship when it comes to movies. So welcome to a series that helps me enjoy them more by writing about them in ridiculous ways.

When I heard about Venom’s release, like so many others, I questioned its quality as a Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man. Sony doesn’t exactly have the best track record recently in bringing beloved Marvel movies to life. Of course, I had doubts that I would like it.

So I went on a quest; a quest to convince myself that Venom is actually a Romantic Comedy.

The MCU is known for using a very obvious flow in their stories. It’s one of the reasons I find it hard to love some of their movies recently.

It’s like walking into a bakery and buying the same thing over and over again, expecting it to be different. Walking into Venom, I told myself that Venom isn’t a Marvel movie, Venom is a RomCom.

Let me tell you, I saw a lot of evidence pointing to this fact.

Fair warning, there will be spoilers, so this is your last chance to turn back.


The Protagonist

Let’s start with the main hero of the story Eddie Brock, the hard boiled investigative journalist turned symbiote host. He starts out as a very fun and honest person; loves his job and is willing to do anything as long as it uncovers the truth.

Slowly though, these aspects of him are also the reasons that he fell from grace.

venom is a romcom

Eddie starts out the way most protagonists in romantic comedies start out. They think that they’re content with their lives, at least until unforeseen circumstances take everything away. After that, they’re left with a hole that needs filling – and what better way is there to fill that hole than to fall in love.

In Eddie Brock’s case: find a symbiote that’d gladly eat the heads off anyone who’s trying to kill you.


The Meat Cute

Enter Venom, the interstellar symbiote that has unfortunately latched on to our protagonist. They’re different in many ways: Eddie’s from San Francisco. Venom is from space. Eddie likes to eat chicken. Venom likes to eat people. The list goes on.

They both start out cold, with Venom constantly popping up in Eddie’s life. The sudden change is unwelcome at first, but after a significant amount of time together they realize how well they work together.

venom is a romcom

Venom goes out of his way to help Eddie sort out his life, in more ways than one. In turn, Eddie teaches Venom how to care – or at the very least – just to not eat everyone. They realize that they are more similar than they think.


The Race to the Airport

All that changed, when a certain someone is revealed to be slowly killing Eddie. Of course, this is near the end. They bitterly part ways, but Venom isn’t willing to let go of Eddie yet. In an act of extreme disregard for the laws, Venom races after Eddie to reunite them, so that they can spend the rest of their lives together.

venom is a romcom
I gotchu fam ❤
An integral part of every romcom, is despite their differences, the two find that they are better people because of each other. Venom decides not to end the world, and Eddie becomes a writer. See? Not so different.


Rating Time! 8/10 Kilig Points

Having tried and tested my new practice, I’m surprised that I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I would. If you haven’t seen Venom yet, I do recommend that you go into the film thinking of it as a romcom or any other type of movie. Just don’t think of it as a Marvel movie.

Have you seen it? Do you have thoughts? Share them with us in the comments or bug us on Twitter at @PWOACom.

Xrystina Marcos

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