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Straight Out of ESGS 2019: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – New Things & War of the Visions

Play Without Apology was on the ground during the Electronic Sports and Games Summit 2019 (ESGS 2019), which took place from October 25 to October 27. We did joint coverage with What’s A Geek. Make sure to check their ESGS 2019 news and features!

Play Without Apology had the honor of meeting with Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto during ESGS!

The producers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius met with the media in order to discuss some exciting developments. The big topics of discussion where what was in store for the next season of Brave Exvius, and for the up and coming addition to the franchise: War of the Visions.

Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto, producers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Both producers expressed how happy they were to come to the Philippines and meet fans of FFBE. “We really felt the heat of their passion for the game.”

Brave Exvius has been exceedingly popular since its release in 2016. It’s gotten over forty million downloads online, has been translated into six different languages, and has done collaboration events with international stars like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. A big part of its popularity stems from the gacha mechanics within the game, which don’t just allow for drawing fresh, new characters for your use in combat. You can also draw characters from other Final Fantasy titles.

Before any naysayers point out the difficulties of gacha and micro-transactions, though, something that Brave Exvius ascribes to is the idea of “Pay for Fun” rather than “Pay to Win”. This may be why Exvius has an ever-growing fanbase, most especially within the Philippines. It’s 100% possible to fully enjoy the game (and rank on their leaderboards) without having to pay anything at all!


Points of Interest for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
First released on June 29, 2016. It’s one of the few Final Fantasies that was built specifically for mobile phones and mobile gaming.

Here’s the most important bit: Season 3 will be released for the Japanese version of Brave Exvius on November 7. Global players can expect it to land for their version shortly after!

Speaking of global support: Brave Exvius will soon gain language support for Thai and Indonesian Bahasa. This is a great show of appreciation on Square Enix and Gumi’s part for their international audience. Us Filipinos do wonder, of course, if we’ll see a translated version of the game for us in the future! It’s a shame that we weren’t able to ask this during the presscon.

Current players of Exvius may be happy to hear that part of the new content they should be on the lookout for is an additional story. This so-called “bridge” content takes place between Seasons 2 and 3. Players will get to go on an adventure with Aldore King Rain, and track some events that lead up to Season 3.

Adlore King, Rain

Something that pleased us PWOA girls, though, is that Brave Exvius’ leading lady Fina will be the main protagonist for this season. Main female protagonists for Final Fantasy in general are a rarity, even if the games themselves tend to have some amazing female characters for folx to look up to. We didn’t have a lot of Exvius players on the team before this press release. Suffice to say, some of us are very intrigued now.

Since we’re on the topic of new players: Brave Exvius really knows how to welcome newbies.  If you start now, expect to receive up to 4,000 lapis one guaranteed 5★ EX Summon Ticket. And we’d highly suggest that you start now, because…


War of the Visions is underway.

From the looks of it, the Japanese version will come around late this year. The global release will follow shortly. Hirono and Fujimoto, for one, emphasized that one of their specific goals is to shorten the release lag between Exvius’ Japanese and Global versions. War of the Visions is going to benefit from this.

“New stories, new characters, new game” is the philosophy that War of the Visions ascribes by. From the looks of it, Hirono and Fujimoto are making good on their word. War of the Visions will be a 3D strategy meets simulation game. Get this:-they specifically said that they were inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.

In this new game, players take command of their units to annihilate enemies in scenarios
featuring different types of terrain and heights, where each unit’s job and their ability to use close-range or long-range attacks will also play a key role in the strategy to victory. Ground elevation, units’ orientation and terrain type… All counts when it comes to turning the tides of battle in this challenging strategy game.

It’s been a very long time since consoles, phones, and handhelds have seen a game that matches the versatility and replayability of Tactics. However, Tactics isn’t a massively multiplayer game in the way War of Visions plans to be. We’re extremely interested to see how they will do things now.


This prequel game will take players to the little known continent of Adra.

We’re going to get launched a few hundred years into the past. It will follow the story of a war between five rival nations. We were given some descriptions of interest:

  • Leonis – Ruled by the Red Lion Monarch and its famed twin princes. They possess the power of Visions.
  • Hourne – The great western nation, ruled by its brave and governed by a policy of peace and its Brave and Wise King.
  • Fennes – Adra’s mightiest militant state, where the King of the Savages has organized the continent’s fearsome barbarian tribes.
  • Wezette – The great eastern kingdom, over which reigns its icy Despot.
  • The Crystal Sanctum – A religious city-state with believers throughout Ardra, founded by one who claims to be God.

Apparently, War of the Visions will also have a new system for drawing characters! Hirono and Fujimoto, however, weren’t allowed to spill any of the details to us. For some hype, though, War of the Visions will be opening with a Final Fantasy 14 collaboration for its Japanese version! We may be able to expect something similar for the global release. We might even get to see our favorites from Final Fantasy Tactics join the gacha roster.

For the Tactics fans: War of the Visions has a job system. We weren’t able to get a lot of details on this either, though. Hirono and Fujimoto only told us that each character will have a main job, and a sub-class. If Tactics is any measure, however, expect this leveling system to be a total, glorious timesink.


Highlights from the Presscon

A few interesting questions cropped up during the Q&A. It was a healthy mix of details for Brave Exvius and for War of the Visions.

How important is player feedback for both games?

This was flagged as “extremely important”, but we were also told that this is within the specific context of game balance and system. The story of Exvius and the upcoming War of the Visions game won’t change much. However, historically, Hirono and Fujimoto have made concessions for fan favorites. Fujimoto fondly recalled how there was one character who was supposed to die in Exvius. Due to the clamor made by fans, the team decided to keep them alive. It’s likely that we can expect more of this for War of the Visions.

What inspired the Ariana Grande and Katy Perry collabs? Will we see more of this in the future?

Hirono and Fujimoto were keenly interested in exploring ways to reach out to international fans. Their team figured that if they tapped celebrities, these celebrities would be able to drum up interest by reaching out to their own fans. Ariana Grande was extremely enthusiastic about the project, and even became a playable character. The success of that campaign led them to contact Katy Perry for the second run.

There are no concrete plans on who’s next. Both producers, though, did say that it’s a thing that’s going to happen. They’ll be taking user feedback into consideration during their decision making processes.

What challenges did the War of the Visions team have during development?

Hirono and Fujimoto cited character design. According to them, building War of the Vision‘s new roster was a delicate balancing act between wanting old fans to like the characters, catering to new users (especially fans who are coming around for the Tactics-esque experience), and – in their words – designing things that would be “acceptable” to an international audience.

Play Without Apology is hoping to get a more elaborate statement on what they meant by acceptable to an international audience. Wish us luck there!


Hyped for War of the Visions yet? Because we are.

Once again: War of the Visions drops before the end of 2019 for Japan. Global release will follow “shortly”. If you haven’t gotten on board with Exvius, now might be the perfect time to start.

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