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What’s on at Toycon 2018

Featured image taken from Toycon 2018 on Facebook.

At Toycon 2018’s press launch at SMX Mall of Asia, Cholo Mallilin kicked off with a sad announcement. Jason David Frank had canceled his appearance as he had fallen ill and was unable to make it to his flight. While his appearance will be rescheduled, Toycon 2018 promises to still continue to be a fun and jam-packed con that features toys and the distinct Filipino in fandom.

The convention itself holds stalls for toys from companies both local and international, a few are Quiccs, Anatoy, and Wetworks; the convention has even released its very first Toycon Lego mini figure, the Manila Killa within the convention only, while Trese comics will also be launching their series toy line at the event.

Among the roster of artist guests are Stephen Segovia, Rian Gonzales, and Edgar Tadeo, and many more.

More than toys and comics, musical acts such as Kjwan, and Janice Javier will be performing along with j-pop girl group, Kissbee and former K-pop Sistars member, Hyolyn.

Real talk at the launch – the face of Asians in Hollywood

Michael Copon, Kelly Hu, and Dante Basco at Toycon 2018

At the launch, Toycon special guests, Michael Copon, Kelly Hu, and Dante Basco took time to talk about Asian representation in Hollywood.

Copon, whose family comes from Cavite shared that it was a struggle for him to get roles due to his mixed Asian features. He also muses, looking back, that it seemed that he was an Asian-American given the lenses of white America. This observation seems to stem from his breakthrough role as the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force and Felix Taggaro in the CW teen series, ‘One Tree Hill’.

Dante Basco, who is best known for his role as Rufio in ‘Hook’ and for being the voice for Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He says that, “Asians in Hollywood seem to be at their highest point in Hollywood history right now.” citing how there are more visible Asians and the buzz surrounding the upcoming Chinese-American movie, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. But he stresses, “We still need more representation.”

Kelly Hu starred with The Rock in The Scorpion King and played Lady Deathstrike in X2. She is Hawaiian with Chinese heritage. She expresses that there is still a lot of to be done in terms of Asian representation in movies. To quote her, “Yes, it is a new era. However, there needs to be representation of Asian men in romantic leads. There seems to be no respect for Asian men in our country. We are a minority. There is still a lot we have to fight for.”


Home to the most talented artists

Kevin Grevioux and Neal Adams at Toycon 2018

In comics, Neal Adams of DC Comics and Kevin Grevioux from Underworld will be guesting at Toy Con 2018. During the panel, rumors were addressed of Grevioux to be cast as Darkseid for the DC movieverse. Grevioux, who had helped developed the Underworld movie franchise and starred in it, dismisses the speculation, “I’m no star.”

Adams openly disagreed with him, and hails Grevioux’s work for the comics industry as a writer and actor.

Adams also the Philippines to be the home to the most talented artists in the industry.

Toycon 2018 will be held from June 8 to 10 at SMX Mall of Asia.

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