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#WomeninTabletop: Marik Rama of Adventurers Anonymous

Just a few more days to LacunaCon and Play Without Apology is pleased to partner with Women in Tabletop Gaming as we once again celebrate the incredible women who contribute to our local communities!

Hey Marik! So good to sit down with you again to talk tabletop! Last year, you were part of a roundtable interview featuring some of the ladies of D&D Adventurers League. But can you catch us up on what’s been occupying your time since we last spoke?

Hi! It’s been an exciting year since. I think I’ve lost count of the events I’ve attended. But Adventurers Anonymous now has three more events under its belt! Last year, we held Turn Undead, which was a Halloween-themed event where we even held a costume contest for the GMs and the participants. We also recently had Epicenter 2019 last May, undoubtedly our best event to date.

We kept up a bit with Epicenter via AA’s social media posts. Can you talk a bit more about the event and how it was?

With 18 tables for both days, Epicenter was the biggest event we’ve undertaken. Working on it was fun since we had new team members to help out, and we’ve figured out a group dynamic that works for us. We were able to try out some new stuff. Like having an art contest where the winner designed an alternate cover of the D&D Player’s Handbook. We also had some of the artists present join in on the fun by playing NPCs during the Epic!

GM Marik’s table at Epicenter! | Photo courtesy of Marik Rama

There’s a unique sort of energy in the room during an Epic, and I think part of that is why we do these events. Whether it’s landing the final blow on the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) or watching a player sacrifice their character to save the day, everyone comes together in solidarity. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

Coming off the Epicenter high, we’re resolving to be more active in organizing events and introducing more newbies into the hobby. Sometimes we get invited to gaming cons like ESGS, the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, where we do character creation and game demos. We also make sure to have a number of newbie tables during our events.

Red is the color of power and passion! | Photo courtesy of Marik Rama

Tabletop RPGs are still a very niche hobby, but I think they’re becoming more popular than ever. We want to promote inclusivity in our games and events, but we want to do so in an approachable manner. Something we also want to do is expand the love of D&D horizontally by veering into hobbies that can relate to it. For example, there are a number of people who love dressing up during events. So we decided to have a costume contest during Turn Undead for Halloween! I think D&D isn’t a stepping stone or gateway just for other RPG’s. It’s also a way to get into activities you didn’t think to try!

We’ve noticed that AA sets the idea of community-building and giving back to the community as its first priority. Is that something that’s always been at the heart of AA’s events?

Last year, we decided that our first event for that year would be one for charity, Action to Aid.

It was important to us to show how a hobby that has given us so much joy can help those less fortunate than we are. We held it at PARC Foundation, and you can actually watch the livestream of one of the tables, courtesy of Dicecast.

We were able to raise almost $900 for Child Hope PhilippinesThat’s one of the ways we wanted to give back. After that, other groups also came up with charity events. We’re glad that this platform can be used for positive things.

So, news along the grapevine is that Adventurers Anonymous Manila is setting up a skill-sharing initiative for the tabletop community. Can you give us a bit of what our readers and any interested participants what they can expect?

I find that the tabletop roleplaying game hobby lends itself to many other creative endeavors. Those artistically inclined can draw their characters, some even make their own dice and dice bags. Even those who are fond of acting can use their skills to play a more engaging game both in front of and behind the DM screen.

One of the things I really wanted to work on was giving artists an avenue to share their crafts with others. It’s still in the works, but I’m looking forward to making this vision come alive!

Thank you again, Marik for taking time to talk with us. And we’re looking forward to the upcoming initiatives by Adventurers Anonymous. For those of you interested to connect with them, hop on over to their Facebook page or drop them a tweet over at @AA_Manila!

Editor’s Note: This interview has been lightly edited. Featured image by Clint Bustrillos via Unsplash.

#LacunaCon2019 is this June 22 and Marik will be running Invasion from the Plant Terrasques! Interested to attend? Hop on over to our official Facebook event page and invite your friends as well!

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